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  • February12th

    Live at Cedar Lane Cover

    Most of you prob­a­bly know, I’ve been work­ing on a new album for sev­eral months. I expected to have it done by now, but these things often take longer than expected. So, to tide you over and let you hear some new music, I’d like to offer a free down­load of a recent live show.

    Last week­end I played a house con­cert with my friends Dal­las Jones and Bran­don Moore. We had an incred­i­ble time, and the record­ing turned out fan­tas­tic. You can down­load the entire show, mis­takes and all. Share it with your friends. I feel like this gives a really good idea of the inti­macy and fun you get with a house con­cert. We were in a friend’s liv­ing room with 20 or 30 other peo­ple. It felt more like and evening with friends than a con­cert. Give it a lis­ten. If you’re at all inter­ested in host­ing a show like this in your home, con­tact me and we’ll set some­thing up.

  • March13th

    A lit­tle live video I made for my song “Build­ing the Tin Man” made the final five in Amer­i­can Songwriter’s Santa Cruz Gui­tar Con­test. Very cool just to make the top five, but I really want that gui­tar. So help me out. Go to this page, click “like” under my video, then tell all your friends to do the same. Quick and easy. And if I win the gui­tar, I promise to use it to record some­thing spe­cial for you.

  • March23rd

    TAG Mag­a­zine posted a really nice review of This Life I Love today. Check it out.

  • March15th

    Artist: Barak Hill
    Album: This Life I Love
    Reviewer: Alexa Spieler

    Barak Hill is no stranger to the music indus­try, hav­ing been writ­ing music since the ten­der age of four­teen. Now nearly six­teen years later, this indie singer/songwriter has trans­formed into a pol­ished, unique, truly tal­ented and remark­able adult pro­fes­sional. This Life I Love is Hill’s first ever full-length solo album, recorded in 2010 and released in Jan­u­ary of 2011. It’s a sim­ple com­bi­na­tion of acoustic gui­tar and pure vocals, but com­plex in its own way. The instru­ments and vocals progress and drift into and out of the songs, but the main focus is always and will always be the lyrics. Com­fort­ably strong song­writ­ing and clean pro­duc­tion are what make Barak Hill who he is, and what makes him des­tined to join the greats in the indie/folk col­lec­tion. Watch out Ryan Adams: Barak Hill is on his way to the top.

    Kick­ing off This Life I Love ‚”My Way Home” begins with a sim­ple chord pro­gres­sion on acoustic gui­tar. It’s calm­ing and sooth­ing, accom­pa­nied by Hill’s smooth vocals. The piece retains this calm feel, but towards the coda, things change a bit. Har­monic voices are added in addi­tion to Hill’s vocals, ulti­mately com­plet­ing the song with those counter har­monies. “Twenty-seven/Twenty-eight” fol­lows, but starts off with a rather dif­fer­ent vibe from the banjo. Still calm, but also bright and uplift­ing. What is most beau­ti­ful about Hill’s music and his songs is his remark­able abil­ity to take some­thing sim­ple and craft it into some­thing purely beau­ti­ful. The sooth­ing tone of his voice and the acoustic gui­tar eas­ily fit together like puz­zle pieces. There’s a strength and pas­sion in his voice that any artist would kill to have.

    “I Can’t Talk To You” is a def­i­nite stand out track here, adding har­mon­ica and even a har­mon­ica solo to the mélange. Hill’s pas­sion is belted out as he exclaims “I can’t talk to you!” Also high on the hit list is “Kerosene (An Arsonist’s Lament),” where again the lead vocals are made the true star, by their power this time, instead of their del­i­cacy. “Kerosene” may only be nearly over a minute long, but it’s more than enough time for Hill to take lis­ten­ers on a jour­ney that becomes heav­ier and more intense with each line. Low­er­ing the inten­sity now, “Han­nah, See You Soon” tells the story of many good mem­o­ries with Han­nah, and his jour­ney back home to her. With the light­ness of the acoustic gui­tar and Hill’s voice, this is com­pelling song­writ­ing and per­fect story telling. It is one thing to be a gifted singer, and another to be a gifted lyri­cist. To be an inspired sto­ry­teller as well is a very pow­er­ful com­bi­na­tion. Hill’s tal­ent and musi­cal agility shines brightly through on This Life I Love. It’s a solid indie/folk album packed with clean pro­duc­tion and great song­writ­ing, bound to become a favorite of many very soon.

    Review by Alexa Spieler
    Rat­ing: 4 stars (out of 5)

  • February25th

  • February24th

    My new album, This Life I Love, is avail­able through pretty much any online music ser­vice. Use your favorite.

    Buy This Life I Love, by Barak Hill on iTunes, Ama­zon MP3, or CD Baby.

    Obvi­ously, the most money finds it’s way back to the artist (that’s me) if you pick up a CD at a show or use my online store. My fans on Face­book can get a dis­count code to save 20% on the new album (both CD and MP3 for­mat) through my online store. If you’re already a fan, get your dis­count code here. If you’re not, go here and click “like” to get the code.

  • January25th

    This Life I Love is now avail­able! Visit the store to get your copy.

  • December14th

    I’ve been hard at work on the new album. I’m plan­ning to be fin­ished record­ing this month and be ready to move on to mas­ter­ing and pack­ag­ing to have the album avail­able by Jan­u­ary 25th. The most cost effec­tive way for me to release the album is dig­i­tally. With almost no ini­tial cost, I’ll be able to have the album on iTunes, AmazonMP3, CDBaby, etc. But I know a lot of peo­ple that still like to hold a CD in their hands. If you’d like to help me pay for some of the upfront cost of hav­ing CDs and pack­ag­ing pro­duced you can pledge a few dol­lars on my kick­starter page. There are some pretty cool rewards (includ­ing advance copies of the album) to make pledg­ing worth your while.

    Visit my Kick­starter page to pledge.

    Thanks for your support,


  • October15th

    In honor of the upcom­ing album, This Life I Love, we’ve com­pletely revamped The new site should make it eas­ier to share news about shows and all of my future projects. On the right you can sign up for my email list, and also fol­low me on Face­book. As I work on the new album over the next cou­ple of months, I’ll be shar­ing lots of exclu­sive con­tent with fans on face­book and the email list. So get in on the action.